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simple and fast
banking and payment solutions

BEBAWA offers API based multi-currency IBAN accounts, FX, SEPA payments, and SWIFT transfers, to create simple, fast, and compliant banking and payment solutions. 

BEBAWA's online banking and portal
let you create your own financial services

Integrate our modular services to create or improve your own financial solution. Simply pick and choose from our services to tailor it according to your's and customers' banking and payment needs.

SEPA € payments
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Fast and low-cost transactions across Europe supporting SEPA Credit Transfer SCT, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer SICT, and SEPA direct debit SDD

real and virtual IBAN accounts
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IBANS accounts
for local and international
multi-currency payments in
yours or your clients' names

SWIFT global transfers
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fast and cost-efficient
cross-border transactions
in many currencies
around the globe 

multicurrency accounts and transfers
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unlimited currencies
and digital assets
in centralized accounts
connected with
respective clearing


client management and KYC
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client onboarding,
KYC data collection,
data management,
workflow automation

seamless integrated currency exchange
foreign exchange
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currency exchange
within your accounts
or in transfers

fit for your purpose

BEBAWA supports B2B, B2C and B2B2X business models with multi-level accounts and granular permission controls. 

Our API-first platform covers the full banking and payment life-cycle from automated customer onboarding, account management, transaction banking, and payments.

Local and Cross-border payments
Wallet issuing and operations
Trade payments for digital assets and securities 
Transaction banking for external wallets
Marketplace collections and settlements


and your use case...

on our Mission

empowering our clients with simple, compliant, and cost-efficient banking and payment solutions.

BEBAWA is an Electronic Money Institution under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania. We have our license being passported across all member states of the European Economic Area.

We are dedicated to delivering simple, fast, and transparent banking and payment solutions to our clients. What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client from all aspects: technology, workflows, commercial, and compliance.

to realize our Vision

simple, fast, and global banking and payments

join the journey

Thank you for contacting BEBAWA!

Mėsinių str. 5, 01135 Vilnius, Lithuania

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